Sunday 26th July - 6pm

Marian Givens, violin

 Anita D'Attellis, piano

All concerts and musical events since mid-March have been cancelled or postponed.

Marian Givens, violin, Anita D'Attellis, piano, Brahms, Bartok, Libby Croad, Schumann, FAE sonata, Einaudi
Grieg concerto, Anita D'Attellis, piano, Richard Laing, Dorchester Abbey

Previous concerts in 2020...

Winter Recitals, 2020, Wallingford, Anita D'Attellis, piano

Saturday 18th January 

Winter Recital no. 1 - The Four Seasons

Saturday 8th February 

Winter Recital no. 2 - Beethoven Triple Bill

Saturday 22nd February 

Winter Recital no. 3 - Clarinet and Viola

Saturday 7th March

Winter Recital no. 4 - Bring on the Youth!

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Wednesday 22nd January

Private Recital

Works by Beethoven and Schubert

Saturday 25th January

Benson Choral Society - Choral workshop at the Oratory School

Vaughan-Williams Sea Symphony

Sunday 16th February - 4pm

Somerset Chamber Choir Concert in King's College Chapel, Taunton

Accompanying the choir and Karen Wise, mezzo-soprano,

in works by Elgar, Brahms and Richard Strauss 

Saturday 14th March

Benson Choral Society Concert in Dorchester Abbey

Soloist in Grieg's Piano Concerto

Winter Recitals, Wallingford, 2020, Anita D'Attellis, piano
Grieg Piano Concerto, Benson Choral Society, Anita D'Attellis, piano, Dorchester Abbey, Vaughan Williams, Sea Symphony, RVW, Richard Laing

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