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Winter Recitals Wallingford is a chamber music series by professional colleagues, with one concert giving a platform to talented young performers.  


It is a not-for-profit organisation and has raised over £16,000 for charity since it began in 2018.  All funds raised are for St. Mary’s church and Sue Ryder.

The recitals take place between January and March each year, and we would love you to come and join us. 


You will see performers of the highest calibre in the warm, atmospheric setting of St. Mary’s church. It really is an eclectic mix of music-making! 

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last year our recitals included:


goldberg variations

Bach's magnificent masterpiece

Anita D'Attellis - piano


Untitled (5 × 3in) (3 × 5in) (3 × 3in) (3 × 3.5in) (2 × 2.5in) (2.5 × 2in) (3 × 2in) (2.5

"Wonderful Woodwind"

Music by Mozart, Kalliwoda, Franck, Coleridge-Taylor, Dranisnikova and the Poulenc Trio for oboe, bassoon and piano,

Ewan Millar - oboe

Guylaine Eckersley - bassoon

Anita D'Attellis - piano

You may have watched Ewan Millar as a Grand Finalist of the

BBC Young Musician of the year 2020.  Do come and enjoy his performance live in Wallingford, joined by the amazing Guylaine!

Ewan Millar, Guylaine Eckersley, Winter Recitals, Wallingford, Anita D'Attellis

bring on the youth

talented young soloists inspire and entertain


Tara Spencer - violin

Elenor Vockins - soprano

Musicians from Queen Anne's School

Anita D'Attellis - accompanist

Elenor Vockins, Tara Spencer, Winter Recitals, Wallingford, Anita D'Attellis

Le Grand Tango

Argentinian cellist Leandro Silvera plays the impassioned music of Piazzolla,

alongside duos by Beethoven, Boulanger and Prokofiev

Leandro Silvera - cello

Anita D'Attellis - piano









Untitled (5 × 3in) (3 × 5in) (3 × 3in) (3 × 3.5in) (2 × 2.5in) (2.5 × 2in) (3 × 2in) (2.5

The Winter Recitals for 2024 will be announced later this year.

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